Successful lunch trip! (Taken with instagram)


Successful lunch trip! (Taken with instagram)


Dinner! (Taken with instagram)

mmm i made chicken


Dinner! (Taken with instagram)

mmm i made chicken


Me: Tell me a story

Dan: once upon a time, there was this girl named little amy

Dan: She was adorable, head to toe and had the biggest heart of any of the girls in the world.

Dan: the only problem was, with the heart came the troubles of finding the boy who was there to help her carry the weight of the heart.

Dan: she searched far and wide to find a boy to help her everyday and to be by her side through every struggle, big and small.

Dan: except, while searching she was trapped by a evil wizard who put her under his spell of stupidity

Dan: he made her think he was the only guy out there to help and made her do everything for him

Dan: each day, the heart cracked a little from the pressures being brought onto her

Dan: until one day, she kicked the evil wizard to the road side and found the strength to walk away on her own

Dan: battered and bruised, she left the wizard and continued her search

Dan: that’s when she stumbled upon her old friend big dan

Dan: he was beyond excited to see little amy again and told her if she ever needed anything, he would always be there

Dan: the first thing she asked help for was to fix one big crack in the heart so he leaned in and gently placed his lips on the crack

Dan: it instantly healed and the crack was no longer there

Me: if you kiss her heart you gotta kiss her boob! :o


Dan: haha

Me: okay

Dan: the only downfall with fixing this crack was it took a lot of big dan’s energy so he was only able to fix one crack a day

Dan: so for every day, from that point on, he kissed her heart and made it stronger than ever before.

Dan: the end



Instead of me “bitching,” I’m going to post images with text in front of it so it’s like i got it from somewhere else and it’s NOT me complaining on the internet. I’m clever.

reblogging you. shut the fuck up. i cared for you more than anyone will ever care for you again for as long as you live. i don’t want you in my life because when you’re in my life all you do is guilt me for every fucking goddamn thing i do. if i so much as talk to someone, i have to worry about hurting you and then you getting all butthurt over it. grow up. you’re 21 now, remember? you told me that a million times and stressed it so much when you finally turned it. i guess that means you’re a man now or something. maybe you should learn to act it. i had never loved someone or something so much in my life as i loved you when i was with you. i dedicated every second of my entire life to you. now, i’ve never hated someone so much in such a long time. you make me miserable every time you try to talk to me again. you make me want to die. you text me and message me bitching about how i’m such a bitter person for not wanting to talk to you, but the fact of the matter is, if you were so much as a tiny little pixel part of my life right now, i’d probably be self-harming again. accept the fact that i’m gone. let me move on. stop holding me back from living my life and being happy.