Something keeps posting spam on my tumblr and caused my tumblr to get deactivated. I made a new one.

got a hamster today. i named him biscuit. he’s so round

got a hamster today. i named him biscuit. he’s so round


I’m still the same girl in my heart and in my mind as I used to be. That will never change. My mistakes don’t define who I am. They just blind you from seeing me for me. Only you can decide how you want to see me.


If I could go back to the last night we saw each other and change things, I would. I would’ve grabbed your hand and held it as hard as I could, even if you had already moved on from me. I would’ve held your hand even for just a moment to feel that perfect fit again and to remind you how we used to be. I would’ve hugged you goodbye instead of just awkwardly saying bye and walking away. I would’ve hugged you even if you didn’t want it, because quite frankly, I needed it. Also because if there was the tiniest bit of chance that you would’ve remembered you loved me from having me in your arms again, that’s all I would’ve needed.


and don’t want to talk to me ever again or hang out ever again, but there’s not a thing in the world I wouldn’t do to go back and undo everything and still be with you. There’s not a thing I wouldn’t do to go back to the time when you still loved me back, before I was replaced. I don’t care how happy she’ll make you. I know there’s no girl who could treat you like I could. I know that there’s no girl that knows you like I do, nor will there ever be. 


I miss the car rides

I miss your singing

I miss when you used to point at me during songs saying “this is all you”

I miss traffic light kisses.

I miss holding hands all the way home except that one turn

I miss our failed attempts at fitting on my bed

I miss the goodnight calls

I miss playing games. I don’t play without you

I miss when my hair would flip out on the sides and you liked it anyways

I miss naps together

I miss…

Before I screwed up and left

Being the little spoon

Fixing my tummy aches with your magic powers






Beep Boop Bop

When I saw you July 4, 2008 at the mall and searched through myspace to find you

When you used to secretly listen to my playlist on stickam because of Stick Stickly and The Peoples Elbow

When we had our first kiss in the middle of an arcade and your reaction from the cold minty lip balm I had on

The homecoming football game

Our prom caricature

The minecraft house with the spider chandelier

Tickling me during back rubs

Feeding Mr.Ham sunflower seeds and yogurt drops together

Applebees 2 for $20

Words like shoot or darn

Al Gore voice

Matching haircuts

Being your little european girl

Being truly happy

It’s not fair.

Going to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon next week!

Going to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon next week!


why I keep feeling so depressed. Even when things are going so well, I feel like shit. I think I need to finally find a therapist or something. I’m so stressed.


I tweeted that I’m singing my little heart out to all of Hannah Trigwell’s covers and she tweeted back that she’s singing with me. I can die a happy person now. I look up to her so much and I’ve always wished I could be just like her.



Blasting the Feel So Close remix on repeat so I don’t have to hear my brother play guitar downstairs. Fml

Healthy breakfast….at 6pm.

Healthy breakfast….at 6pm.