Bran and Rickon weren’t the dead boys at the end of the episode. Why?

  • Bran granted the shepherd of that same farm 2 orphan boys earlier in the episode to work on his farm
  • When Bran, Rickon, Hodor and Osha are being tracked by the dogs and Theon Greyjoy’s crew, Osha says they won’t be able to keep outrunning the dogs.
  • Bran says they can’t go to the farm because when Greyjoy’s crew gets there, the people will give them up.

Greyjoy’s crew did find crushed walnuts, but considering Osha said they couldn’t outrun the dogs, placing the walnuts at the farm threw the dogs’ scent off track. Also, why would the director dedicate 2 separate scenes to hinting that it’s the orphans that died? These scenes lead you to the conclusion that the stark boys are still living. That’s too much screen time to waste if it didn’t have some meaning behind it. Why even have Bran grant the shepherd the 2 orphans if they were going to be insignificant to the season?


Just realized that Bran and Rickon weren’t the 2 burned boys at the end of episode 7 of GoT.


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